In 2020, I was privileged to help a dear friend of mine, Jimi Tsang with his exhibition. I designed a poster, as well as exhibition materials that would promote, assist and serve as a souvenir for his satellite exhibition that fell under The 2020 Hong Kong International Photo Festival.

With this poster, I wanted to allow Jimi's photos to shine first and foremost while highlighting the concept behind the photography. Jimi's body of work for "Temporal Boundary" was intended to discuss the ever dissolving divide between Hong Kong and China, the unrest, and the sense of fear it has left many Hong Kongers in. 
The two images used in the posters represent time and change, while the fractured typography represents disruption and divide. The line I have used as the fracture in the type is a traced line of the China/Hong Kong border and was printed with silver foil out of respect for how important and precious this physical, cultural and mental line is to the identity and beliefs of Hong Kong people.
Please make sure to view Jimi's work here
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