Roji, Meaning "alley way" in Japanese, is a take on modern izakaya culture, by restauranteurs Xuan and Agnes Mu. Hidden deep in the bustling core of Central Hong Kong, this after-hours haunt offers an escape from the bright lights and busy streets of the surrounding area. Those who are curious enough to venture down it's unmarked alley entrance are rewarded with good times, casual Japanese dining and speciality cocktails, delivered by some of the best talent in the city. 

The identity is inspired by early 90's white collar salarymen (サラリーマン) that would find themselves filling the izakayas in Tokyo, after long hours of work in the capital. Visual cues of overflowing briefcases, filled with dot-matrix printed paperwork, inspired the graphic treatment which makes use of textural and slightly "intoxicated" ASCII artwork.

The graphic treatment was then balanced out with natural tones and materials, structured layouts and a simple, yet character filled hand-drawn wordmark; a subtle nod towards Japanese calligraphy. 
Photography courtesy of Gideon de Kock and Roji Hong Kong.
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